• External wall culture stone seepage, how to do?
    2021-06-07 External wall culture stone seepage, how to do?
    Water seepage is mainly culture stone brick wall, plaster and tile process quality is not living, after comparing ooze water cannot explain tile didn't stick well. Such problems can only treat the symptoms, can only be applied in the wall brick seam waterproof material, such as the gold gun does not leak a class. Trouble point on the brick joint tick off the ash chisel, with plaster mixed glue and waterproof liquid from the new tick off. The toilet waterproof layer is prone to problems. External wall cultural stone in accordance with the relevant provisions, the house delivered by the builder should have a waterproof layer in the bathroom and kitchen. In order to avoid the waterproof layer failure or damage, the toilet and kitchen ground should be checked for water storage during decoration, such as the waterproof layer seepage must be re-done waterproof treatment. Now, family decoration commonly used waterproof materials for acrylic waterproof coating, belongs to the film waterproof material. In general, the ground waterproof layer construction should be besmeared with two layers, in accordance with the provisions of 1.5 mm thick, to extend to the wall and higher than the ground 30 cm. The bathroom relies on the waterproof layer height of shower head metope not under 1.8 meters. The ground waterproof layer must be stored for 24 hours after construction. The external wall cultural stone is only 1 meter high, obviously not in line with the specification. Moisture through the wall inside the capillary channel so that the wall next door damp, seepage.
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  • New Product, Ecological PC Brick
    2021-05-14 New Product, Ecological PC Brick
    PC is the pronoun of concrete prefabricated products, mainly by silicate special cement, all kinds of graded quartz sand stone, pigment, reinforcing agent and other inorganic natural materials by high pressure, vacuum pouring molding. This imitation stone PC brick has the appearance and laying effect of granite. 1. High strength, strong tolerance, alkali and acid resistance, high wear resistance. 2. Concrete, granite granules, mica and other raw materials, with environmental protection and energy saving characteristics. 3. Selection of high quality, high strength materials, service life in more than 20 years; Reuse of floor tile materials during maintenance construction. 4. Convenient and fast, dry construction, do not need cement slurry, construction can be opened to traffic. 5. Excellent quality and simple design has created a series of environmental protection products, is a new bright spot in the landscape, a variety of public facilities road laying products.
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  • Xiamen stone fair 2021
    2021-04-28 Xiamen stone fair 2021
    The 21st China xiamen international stone exhibition will be held in xiamen convention and exhibition center from May 18 to 21. Under the new pattern of new trends, eight new exhibition areas, new content and new hot spots, stone, machinery, rock plate, kitchen and bathroom, brand, supporting, intelligent manufacturing, green ecology, complete customization, cross-border links... An exhibition to the new trend of the industry! NEW FLOOR PLAN The exhibition area of 162,000 square meters, a total of 20 exhibition halls. Including domestic stone exhibition area, mechanical tools exhibition area, international exhibition area, outdoor exhibition area, artificial stone exhibition area, Xiamen Kitchen & Bed Exhibition, design and forum area and media area eight exhibition areas. 1,100 high-quality enterprises attended the exhibition as scheduled. As the main body, domestic and international organizing committee continue to respond to domestic circulation binary mutual promotion of the new development pattern, actively give play to the role of industry platform, expand the domestic market segment, crossover potential domestic demand and a divergent industry penetration, explore the new development model of double exhibition, committed to providing more complete business cooperation experience, to better serve stone industry transformation and upgrading of the tide. May
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  • Marmomac Plus 2021
    2021-04-19 Marmomac Plus 2021
    Marmomac Plus is a virtual space open to all companies in the Stone Industry. ThinkRock stone will joint the Marmomac Plus. From 29 September to 2 October 2021 Fiere di Verona Viale del lavoro 8, Verona (Italy) MarmomACC is a large and authoritative exhibition in the world stone industry. It has been successfully held for 53 sessions, and is the leading exhibition in the global stone industry. The achievements of the Italian stone exhibition have been highly praised by people in the industry around the world. MarmoMAC is the world's most important trade fair, dedicated to the entire natural stone supply and value chain, from quarries to processed products, technology, machinery and tools. Marmomac is a descendant of one of Italy's main natural stone quarrying and processing areas. Today, it has become the main international hub for all the protagonists in the industry, and it is an indispensable platform where business and professional updates come together to become the preferred place for innovation and training.
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  •  The 20th Xiamen International Stone Fair in 2020 is postponed to 2021
    2020-08-05 The 20th Xiamen International Stone Fair in 2020 is postponed to 2021
    Affected by the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic Many large-scale domestic exhibitions have been held recently to actively cooperate with the postponement of national epidemic prevention work, and enterprises' participation in overseas exhibitions has also been affected. Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Stone Fair issued a notice that the 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair, which was originally postponed to June, will be postponed to 2021 Since its establishment in 2001, China Xiamen International Stone Fair has made full use of the advantages of the southern Fujian stone industry and Xiamen port, and has grown rapidly with the joint efforts of various sponsors and contractors. It has become a one-stop stone procurement platform and a global stone industry weather vane. It has received great attention from insiders.
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  • Building Introduction
    2020-08-05 Building Introduction
    Our company is located in Lingyun Jade Building, the first floor is Lingyun Jade Museum It is the only museum in the world with jade as the theme and a national A-level attraction. It covers an area of 8074 square meters and a total area of about 35000 square meters. Polished by Lingyun Jade Group for eight years and built with heavy gold, it condenses the essence of five thousand years of Chinese jade culture, and combines current advanced manufacturing and new aesthetic applications to create a real world "Qionglou Yuyu" In addition, the museum uses jade to create a landscape, build bridges with jade blocks, and forge stepped steps with jade, which fully displays the relationship between jade and space, jade and architecture, jade and environment, and jade and humanity, showing the charm of oriental jade and conveying uniqueness Jade aesthetic lifestyle. It has become a mecca for local citizens and tourists from all over the world
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