New Product, Ecological PC Brick 2021-05-14

PC is the pronoun of concrete prefabricated products, mainly by silicate special cement, all kinds of graded quartz sand stone, pigment, reinforcing agent and other inorganic natural materials by high pressure, vacuum pouring molding.

This imitation stone PC brick has the appearance and laying effect of granite.
1. High strength, strong tolerance, alkali and acid resistance, high wear resistance.
2. Concrete, granite granules, mica and other raw materials, with environmental protection and energy saving characteristics.
3. Selection of high quality, high strength materials, service life in more than 20 years; Reuse of floor tile materials during maintenance construction.
4. Convenient and fast, dry construction, do not need cement slurry, construction can be opened to traffic.
5. Excellent quality and simple design has created a series of environmental protection products, is a new bright spot in the landscape, a variety of public facilities road laying products.

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