External wall culture stone seepage, how to do? 2021-06-07

Water seepage is mainly culture stone brick wall, plaster and tile process quality is not living, after comparing ooze water cannot explain tile didn't stick well.

Such problems can only treat the symptoms, can only be applied in the wall brick seam waterproof material, such as the gold gun does not leak a class.

Trouble point on the brick joint tick off the ash chisel, with plaster mixed glue and waterproof liquid from the new tick off.

Artificial stone veneer exterior

The toilet waterproof layer is prone to problems. External wall cultural stone in accordance with the relevant provisions, the house delivered by the builder should have a waterproof layer in the bathroom and kitchen. In order to avoid the waterproof layer failure or damage, the toilet and kitchen ground should be checked for water storage during decoration, such as the waterproof layer seepage must be re-done waterproof treatment.
Now, family decoration commonly used waterproof materials for acrylic waterproof coating, belongs to the film waterproof material.

In general, the ground waterproof layer construction should be besmeared with two layers, in accordance with the provisions of 1.5 mm thick, to extend to the wall and higher than the ground 30 cm.
The bathroom relies on the waterproof layer height of shower head metope not under 1.8 meters.
The ground waterproof layer must be stored for 24 hours after construction.
The external wall cultural stone is only 1 meter high, obviously not in line with the specification.
Moisture through the wall inside the capillary channel so that the wall next door damp, seepage.

Artificial river rock walls installation system

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