What is Ecological Paving Stone Compare with Natural Granite Stone Jul 21,2021
1.Production conditions
Natural Granite Stone: After quarried,cut to stone block , will produce the waste water,dust,noise,and high radioactivity.

Ecological Paving Stone: Selective preference raw material,with standardized, scientific and efficient production, the radiation level is the optimal A level.

2.Product Supply
Natural Granite Stone: Mine level differences lead to color difference, density, uneven texture, and unstable supply.
Ecological Paving Stone: Standardized production, stable inventory, type selection, replenishment and convenient ordering.

3. Construction risk:
Natural Granite: There are uncontrollable factors of dark crack, fragile risk, construction and processing loss.
Ecological Paving Stone: Unified and strict production standards, high quality, good surface phase, out-of-box, no secondary risk.

4.Color difference
Natural Granite Stone: Stone location different will produce color difference and colored patches.
Ecological Paving Stone: Stable color and beautiful texture.

5. Water Absorption
Natural Granite Stone: The average water absorption rate is less than 0.6, with fine gaps and easy to hide pollution.
Ecological Paving Stone: Water absorption rate is low, the average value of 0.06, stable and dense structure, more pollution prevention

6.Abrasion Resistant
Natural Granite Stone: Abrasion resistant
Ecological Paving Stone: Abrasion Resistant grade 4 .

7.Rupture Modulus:
Natural Granite Stone: The 30mm fracture moduli thick is around 10mpa and is easy to break .
Ecological Paving Stone: 15mm thickness, 600mm long fracture moduli up to 45-59mpa(length shortened modulus higher).

8.Breakdown Strength
Natural Granite Stone: Low damage strength of equal thickness(30mm thick only 5000N)
Ecological Paving Stone: 15mm thickness of breakdown strength up to 5000N,18mm thickness is 7000N.

9.Transport loss
Natural Granite Stone: Large plate thickness, high freight rate, high loss, and high total freight rate .
Ecological Paving Stone: Moderate thickness, small loss, carton packaging, safety protection.

10.Pollution Resistance
Natural Granite Stone: Anti-pollution ability is relatively weak
Ecological Paving Stone: The Anti-pollution level can attach to grade 5.

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