"Culture stone"(Cultured stone)is a known collectively can be divided into two major categories of natural culture stone and artificial stone, concrete has a plain stone,hometown reef, packing, etc. It is not a single stone, to express their certain adomment effect way of processing and production.

Is its most attractive feature, and color lines to keep the original style and leatureS. and deployment of change color, connotation and artistic show clear stone texture, comply with people advocate natural, return to natural culture idea. Made of this kind of decorative stone walls, wall scenery, etc..can convey a kind of culture and natural breath, and this kind of altitude.we cart also be understood as a culture of life.

The nature of the classic for life, has always been a "castle" tireless pursuit. Rough appearance by the artist a finely crafted, the picturesque beauty lies. art of of primitive simplicity is shinning in the years of precipitation, this is "the castle culture stone",texture gap between tells its story. like piece of living museum,modern washing blundering heart, moves us return to nature heart.

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