What does cultured stone look like? Mar 30,2021

Culture stone is a branch of building stone, breed diversity, colour and lustre is rich, forms, unique taste, clear surface texture, structure compact, of primitive simplicity and elegant, elegant chic, lasting appeal, in advance, decorate indoor and outdoor both the European and American architectural culture style, classical and elegant emotional appeal, satisfy the modern people to pursue fashion, piao guizhen, natural regression mentality.

cultured stone installation

Also offered an infinite free time to think for architects at the same time, the broad space that the design of infinite conception creates and expression means, make owner can reflect his individual character and savour adequately, build a pure and fresh artistic conception like idyllic.

cultured stone country ledgestone

At present, it has been widely used in large public buildings, villa courtyards, garden construction, entertainment and home decoration, restaurants and hotels, etc., as long as you want the place can create endless artistic effect and noble, elegant style, so that the whole building and nature are integrated, become a new highlight of modern architectural culture.

Now with the pursuit of people's comfort of life, cultural stone gradually into thousands of households.

artificial culture stone

In the modern stone home decoration, designers suggest more applied fossils.
For instance TV setting wall chooses the culture stone with coarser grain to enlay, can absorb sound already so, add thick wall body again, reduced acoustics to the effect of other bedroom space, and the delicate feeling that can foil gives the design distinctive contemporary home appliance, form intense simple sense contrast.

Cultural stone modeling is diverse, colors are different, more used for indoor local decoration, such as the decoration of the TV wall in the room, the floating shape around the iron heating cover, or the ground treatment in the courtyard, the decorative effect is close to nature, reflecting the simple decoration style.

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