Tips for choose cultural stone panel! Sep 4,2020

Tips for choose cultural stone panel!

One check: first check whether the artificial stone products have quality system certification, anti-counterfeiting marks, quality inspection reports, etc.

Second stroke: Scratch the surface of the board with your nails, and judge whether there are obvious scratches, and judge its hardness.

Three look: visually observe that the color of the product is pure, the surface has no plastic-like texture, and whether there are pores on the front of the sheet.

Four touches: The surface of the sample touched by hand has no astringency, silky feel, no obvious unevenness, and smooth interface.

Five smells: No pungent chemical smell in the nose.

Six touches: The same two pieces of samples are knocked against each other, which is not easy to break.

Seven burning: Take a thin strip of artificial stone and burn it on the fire. The poor quality artificial stone is easy to burn, and it burns very vigorously. The good quality artificial stone cannot be burnt unless it is added with combustion support Things, and it will go out automatically.

Eight falls: Look at its hardness and strength, take a piece of material, 200*200 in size, and throw it hard on the concrete floor. The artificial stone of poor quality will fall into many small pieces of crushing, and the good quality will be broken. Two or three pieces, and if you don’t use enough force, you can bounce off the ground.

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