Some considerations when installing cultural stone | Nov 27,2020

1. Cultural stone is not suitable for large-scale use indoors. Generally speaking, the use area of its wall surface should not exceed 1/3 of the wall surface of the space where it is located. And it is not advisable to have cultural stone walls repeatedly in the room.

2. The cultural stone is installed outdoors, try not to choose sandstone type stone, because this kind of stone is easy to seep water. Even if the surface is water-repellent, it is susceptible to aging of the waterproof layer by the sun and rain.

3. The indoor installation of cultural stones can choose close colors or complementary colors, but it is not suitable to use colors with strong contrast between cold and warm.

Artificial stone has many advantages: light texture, easy to install; many color patterns, easy to decorate the wall; convenient transportation, easy storage, etc.

Cultural stone is not a name for a single stone, it is a type of decorative building materials made by processing and making a certain decorative effect. The attractive point of the cultural stone is that the color and texture can maintain the natural original style, and the color and luster can be changed to show the connotation and artistry of the stone texture. In line with people's cultural concept of advocating nature and returning to nature, people collectively call this type of stone "cultural stone".

China Lightweight Cultured Stone

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