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1. Compared with the traditional natural stone.artificial stone of the quality of the lighter out bai more than half, so need another base of support in exterior wall construction, it also has a durable and not easily get faded phenomenon, but also good corrosion resistance, resistance to weathering, texture, high strength of these advantages, decorate is convenient, economically.

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2. Artificial cultural stone itself is green environmental protection products when used in interior decoration without any pungent taste, and the artificial cultural stone sound-absorbing effect is very good, but also fire prevention, heat insulation, this is undoubtedly good news for our health, can play a protective role in our body.

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3. Relative to natural stone, after artificial processing and refining, with new technology to re-appear the natural texture and color of the stone, this kind of stone with artificial traces is called artificial culture stone. The raw materials used in the production are mainly pumice stone, ceramsite, silicon calcium, and other stone making materials. The processing process is the imitation of nature, imitating natural color, pattern, texture, and texture. Although it is artificially produced and processed, it still has a natural charm of primitive simplicity. Now the advanced production technology, a variety of natural stone textures can be artificial to imitate the manufacturing.

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4. The advantage of artificial cultural stone is more energy-saving and environmental protection, light texture, easy to install when using, but its durability is not as good as natural stone.

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