Advantage of artificial stone | Oct 15,2020
1. More environmentally friendly

Cultural stone is a kind of artificial stone. Its biggest feature is that it does not have the radioactive elements of natural stone. However, because the original stone is molded by molding, it retains the texture of natural stone to a large extent, making the splicing between each piece of cultural stone more Naturally, the defect of natural stone is avoided.

Fake river rock artificial stone

2. Lower price

Compared with natural stone, the price of artificial cultural stone is lower, and compared with natural stone, the weight of artificial cultural stone is lighter, so it is slightly better in terms of transportation cost and decoration cost.

Artificial stone slabs ledger stone fireplace

3. Improve the grade of decoration

Artificial Fake river rock cultural stone is colored later without the color difference of natural stone, and its physical properties are comparable to natural stone. Because the coloring is more uniform than the color saturation formed under natural conditions, it is easier to control color changes.

Artificial stone for walls

4. Simple construction

Because cultural stone can directly pave and save the painting process of the interior and exterior walls of the building, the construction can be done as long as the leveling layer is done. The paving can choose to leave seams or paste according to your preference, and the process is quite simple.

lightweight cultured stone

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